Hi, it’s me Steph, your general =) In case you didn’t know what I looked like, I’ve attached a photo below unabashedly. After a shower, no make up, nada.

I often get told I have good skin and asked to share prodcuts I use. So here I am. I can’t speak for everyone, so this blog post is entirely my own opinion and subjective views. I also believe one needs adequate sleep, water and exercise to look and feel amazing. But, these products do help, somewhat.

I believe in self love, it’s self preservation for mind, body and soul but most of all self confidence too. Confidence takes you a long way. Here are a few things I swear by and no, I’m not getting paid to promote any of them. A true good things must share moment, from me to you.

Bath & Body

I use Aseop Geranium body cleanser because it smells so good and it’s scent lasts for quite a bit. I’m a sucker for packaging and branding and Aesop is top of the line. I’ve tried their other products but they don’t work so well for me. I’ve tried several body scrubs and none really do anything except feel harsh on my skin. Frank body’s scrubs work like magic, they leave my skin feeling really soft, smells amazing too! I do salt bath soaks whenever I feel worn out and in need of self care. I have found that it reduces muscle tension especially in my calves. Try to make it a habit if you can, self care is the best care.

Hair care

I’ve been rocking blonde hair for quite awhile now and trust me it’s hard to maintain. There’s breakages and frizziness and that’s never going to change but i have a few products I swear by, they work wonders even for my cabbage patch head.

Living Proof products have always worked for me. In their range, my product would be Perfect Hair day 5 in 1 styling treatment for a gentle texture without much hold.

If you use product in your hair and can’t seem to find a shampoo that rids your hair of product, look no further Ouai Clean Shampoo does the trick quite well. I always double cleanse my hair coz one, I’m too lazy to wash my hair everyday and two, it keeps your scalp oil free for longer.

I use hair oils everyday for my super dry ends, Botanist hair oil doesn’t leave my hair feeling super oily but does the deal of hydrating my ends making them a little more manageable and less frizzy in our humid climate.

I also use the Botanist range of shampoos and conditioners, they don’t leave my scalp too oily. And my scalp stays relatively oily free for at least 2 days. Their body soap is kinda so so though. I love their overall branding and they even have a cute little cafe in the store in Harajuku, so if you’re in Tokyo, please visit.


Glossier Lip Balm, SK II RNA power, Tony Moly Mask Sheet, Driclor deodorant, SK II facial cleanser

Ok, now on to the most important topic of all SKINCARE. First up, you need to know this, I’ve been going for facials since I was 19, yes, vanity hit me young. Also, I do periodic lasers at Acclaro clinic and I usually sleep by 2230 pm so, it’s not any one given thing but a amalgamation of things that helps your skin. I also know that hormonal changes gives me break outs, so get to know your own skin better, in order to choose the best products for you.

Everyone needs luscious looking lips okay.. If you live in Singapore, we are in ac so much, lip care is important! I love love love Glossier lip balm dot com, especially the mango flavoured one, I also use it anywhere I have dry patches, even my elbows.

The SK II RNA range works wonders for me, I’ve been an avid SK II user and I doubt that’s going to change. Airy milky lotion for day and Radical New Age for night. You can’t use one moisturiser for both day and night, it just doesn’t work. You need a lighter lotion for day and a heavier cream for night (especially if you sleep in air conditioning). When traveling to colder climates, please use cream all day, this will prevent dry, itchy skin.

I’ve never felt like a conventional pretty looking gal but what I lack for in looks, I most definitely make up for in CONFIDENCE, =D

I try to do a mask sheet once a week, Tony Moly’s range of masks do it for me, I don’t think they’re super intense or anything but they’re cute and affordable, makes for good gifts too. They have a wide range, be wary of the ingredients in case of allergies.

I don’t like deodorants with scents. While Driclor doesn’t have an appealing look, it works like magic. Armpit stays dry for days not hours — sounds like an ad I know but it’s the truth. When it comes to deodorant, definitely function over form.

SK II gentle facial clenaser is a product I’ve been using for over a decade, never fails me. I do a double cleanse after workouts and at night. So I’ll pair it with the SK II gentle cleansing gel, leaves skin clean but doesn’t feel dry. I also use their toner, facial essence and the above mentioned RNA creams. WHAT?! Maintaining good skin is hard work.

That’s all folks, hope these products brings you joy as they do me. And remember, whatever you do to the outside will always still be a reflection of the inside. So be kind, be true, be confidently you.