arch conversations #3 : Charlyn Lim

Charlyn Lim oversees the ins and outs of fashion retail conglomerate SURRENDER. For those unfamiliar, it encompasses Surrender, Off-White, Marcelo Burlon, Christian Dada in Singapore, Jakarta, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. Needless to say our girl is never in one place for long. We got lucky and had a quick chat with her on what her job entails and what drives her.

Hi Char, What do you do?

Hi! I’m the Operations Manager for Surrender (Off-White, Marcelo Burlon) and Christian Dada, which basically means handling the non-glamorous nitty gritty side of fashion.

What are some of your roles?

Majority of my time is spent developing new boutiques but other portions includes merchandising, logistic solutions, HR etc. I basically spend my hours with my trusty friends Excel, Powerpoint and Mail.

How did you get here?

I took a chance and submitted my resume when Surrender was opening at Marine Bay Sands. I started out as a Sales Executive and it grew from there.  

What are some of the challenges you face?

Scheduling conflicts. The industry moves fast and we have nearly doubled in terms of retail outlets in the past 1.5 years so in terms of time, it’s never on my side. It’s hard to weigh your decisions when everything is a priority on an equal scale and urgent. I try to not question everything, listen to my gut, follow logic while keepin an open mind. 

What motivates you?

Life. There’s nothing more beautiful than the life you create based on the decisions you make and I firmly believe to make the most of it.  

Any words you live by?

Hard work has yet to kill anyone, so just get on with it.